Discussion by a New Jersey Lawyer of Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there were 586 fatal crashes with 627 people killed.
Discussion by a New Jersey Lawyer of Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey
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New Jersey Lawyer Discusses Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

I am an attorney with offices in Jersey City and Bayonne.  We handle car and truck accident cases, including the tragic ones where a person has been killed.  I was recently reviewing a report by the New Jersey Attorney General and the State Police Fatal Accident Investigation Unit which analyzed all of the fatal crashes from 2011.  This report used data from every fatal motor vehicle accident case, not just ones on The New Jersey Turnpike and The Parkway, but ones that occurred on Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City, Route 1 & 9, Route 440, Grand Street in Jersey City, Broadway in Bayonne, Washington Street in Hoboken and Boulevard East in North Bergen. The data included:

In New Jersey, there were 586 fatal crashes with 627 people killed.

There was an increase of 56 fatal crashes and an increase of 71 fatalities.

Of the fatalities, 31.1 % had consumed alcohol to some extent.

Of all drivers, 16.2 % were legally intoxicated.

An average of 1.72 persons were killed every day.

There were 90 fatal crashes involving 97 motorcycles.

Pedal-cyclists accounted for 17 fatal crashes.

The pedestrian death toll was 143.

There were a total of 40 hit and run fatal crashes involving 62 vehicles. The victims were comprised of 5 drivers, 2
passengers, 32 pedestrians and 1 pedal-cyclist.

Of all fatal crashes, 85.0 % occurred during clear weather conditions.

Of the known drivers involved in fatal crashes, 73.7 % were males.

Of the vehicles involved in fatal crashes, 51.8 % involved passenger cars.

There were 31 tractor-trailers involved in 26 fatal crashes which resulted in 28 fatalities.

Thankfully, the trend has been for less fatal accidents over the last twenty years, however, as indicated above the data in 2011 showed that there were 71 more fatal accidents in 2011 than there were in 2010.  The most fatalities occurred in October (likely due to Halloween being a date than many pedestrians are killed).   Taking a closer look at the numbers in North Jersey (where most of our cases are located) in Hudson County, there were 25 fatal crashes with 25 people killed. 11 of those people were pedestrians and one was a bicyclist.  In Essex County, there were 50 fatal crashes, with 52 people killed.  Of that number, 18 were pedestrians.  Essex County was second to only Burlington County in the number of people killed.   We often think of fatal accidents happening on Highways, however, due to pedestrians and cyclists, there are many fatal accidents even on city streets in places like Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, North Bergen, Union City and West New York.  For example, in Essex County there were 19 people killed on Municipal Roads.  Hudson County had 9 people killed on City Streets. We also often think of late night being the time of the most fatal accidents, however the data in the report showed that the hours of between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. had the most crashes, due to people rushing to work, and also the volume of drivers on the road, and children walking to school.

Looking more closely at the data from Hudson County, here is the location and date and time of all the fatal accidents in Hudson County.


The report is a somber reminder of not only how many lives are lost (far too many due to someone being drunk or using illegal drugs) but that as parents and educators, steps need to be taken to safeguard some of the most vulnerable, children, as the walk to and from school.