Raoul Bustillo


Mr. Bustillo obtained a $1.5 million settlement for an elderly man battling a life threatening illness, who had been abandoned by his wealthy son after a bitter family feud. Plaintiff, who had no independent means of support, was facing eviction from his home. After reviewing some financial documents, Mr. Bustillo found that Plaintiff’s son had signed a document stating that a portion of his money belonged to his father. Recognizing that the son had executed a “deed of gift,” Mr. Bustillo filed an emergency petition with the court and convinced the court to order the son to support the father financially pending the outcome of the litigation. Thanks to the emergency relief obtained from the court, the father was able to move back into his apartment and assert his rights to a portion of the money. After a court battle that latest almost two years, the father walked away with just over $1.5 million in time payments.

Recently, Mr. Bustillo obtained lifetime worker’s compensation disability benefits for a truck driver who had injured himself on the job. The truck driver was loading a pickup truck on top of a vehicle transport rig when his foot slipped off the brake, causing the pickup truck to fall off of the rig with the driver inside. The driver fractured two vertebrae and underwent three back surgeries. Due to the driver’s age, 42 at the time, the worker’s compensation insurance carrier resisted paying full disability benefits, arguing that the driver could be retrained. By obtaining expert reports from numerous doctors and vocational specialists, Mr. Bustillo was able to demonstrate that the truck driver would not be able to work again. As a result, the driver has been receiving benefits starting at 300 per week and increasing to $629. per week for the rest of his life.

Mr. Bustillo obtained a $465,000. settlement for his client, who had been stabbed in a parking lot outside of a dance club by another patron. The issue in the case was whether the dance club had provided adequate security. Through meticulous investigation, Mr. Bustillo learned that the dance club had been cited numerous times by the municipality’s ABC Board for violent disturbances. The club agreed to maintain four security guards in the parking lot. Mr. Bustillo located one of the bounces that was working the night of the stabbing, The bouncer testified that the club owners never placed security personnel in the parking lot, a fact that directly contributed to our client’s stabbing.

Mr. Bustillo successfully defended a client in federal court accused by the United States Customs Agents of illegally structuring electronic money transfers in order to avoid IRS reporting requirements. The client was facing a minimum of 30 months in federal prison without parole. The client was a taxi cab driver who had been under federal surveillance. Unable to obtain evidence against the cab driver by legal means, the federal agents stopped him without probable cause and searched him, finding what the agents said were instructions on how to structure illegal money transfers. The agents also searched the cab driver’s home and found $40,000 in case, as well as more alleged wiring instructions and transfer receipts. After a full evidentiary hearing, Mr. Bustillo convinced the federal trial judge that the agents had misrepresented facts about how the arrest and subsequent searches occurred. Finding that the agents had violated the United States Constitution, the trial judge suppressed all of the evidence and dismissed the charges against our client. The government, realizing that its agents had broken the law, returned the $40,000 to the cab driver.